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The UltraMito Pet Life 2.0

Get back what you had before and more!

UltraMito Pet Life2.0 is a second generation product for pets in the UltraMito line of mitochondria-related products. It utilizes the same breakthrough technology found in the highly successful UltraMito Restore product for people. Just formulated specifically for pets by scientist and formulator Dr. Bevan Elliottto help pets live long, healthy and energetic lives.

Informed by his background in nanotechnology, physics and emerging science, he created a new proprietary technology designed to potentiate the mitochondria.Mitochondria are the components incells that produce energy and are involved in,virtually, every significant cellular function in the body.

Dr. Elliott’s research indicates that what affects health the most is the health of the mitochondria. Pets literally can’t be there healthiest unless their mitochondria are at their best. If the health of the mitochondria is improved and there are more mitochondria, that are bigger and more energetic,overall health can be improved.

UltraMitoPet Life 2.0 is designed to work in concert with UltraMito Rejuvenate.While UltraMito Pet Life2.0 works from the inside out,UltraMito Rejuvenate2.0 works from the outside in allowing specific areas of concern to be addressed.

About UltraMito Pet Life 2.0

UltraMito Pet Life 2.0 is highly recommended for daily use with pets of all ages. It uses natural ingredients that are amplified and driven deep into cells and into mitochondria using proprietary XDS (eXponential Delivery System) technology.

Why is this important? Because to have the very best results, great natural ingredients alone are not good enough. The natural bioactive ingredients, typically, contained in nutritional supplements can have poor deliverability and don’t easily get to where they need to go, to do the most good.

XDS formulations rectify this problem in a powerful way.It typically uses only a fraction of the normal daily dose for a given ingredient, compared to how much of the same ingredient is commonly used in other nutritional supplement formulations. Yet XDS is so effective that much greater benefits can result. Nutrientstend to work faster and with much greater results for more people.

The benefits of Pet Life can be especially important to pet owners who want their pets to:

  • Have healthier litters
  • Have healthier skin and coats
  • Be more energetic and mobile
  • Recover more quickly from injury and sickness
  • Live as long and as healthy a life as possible with less emotional stress and discomfort

Pets bring us so much joy.Pet Life 2.0 was created to help us enjoy them for as long as possible.

How should UltraMito Pet Life2.0 be used?

UltraMito Pet Life 2.0 can be given alone or on food. Administer according to the table below:

Small 0-40 1
Medium 41-80 2
Large >80 3

What should I expect and how quickly does it work?

For some issues results can be seen within minutes. Others issues will show results over time especially depending upon how much detoxification needs to be done.

Owners whose Pets have complex health situations should be patient.The conventional wisdom is to allow atleast three months to give any nutraceuticala fair test.

Please visit the MoreMito.com website for the latest pet testimonials.

UltraMito Pet Life 2.0 Ingredients

Ingredients with XDS-pr1210TM Proprietary Blend

(Put “Health benefits of ingredient below” in your search engine for more information on each ingredient)

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Black seed oil
  3. Astaxanthin
  4. Olive leaf
  5. Cordyceps
  6. Spirulina
  7. Palmitoylethanolamide
  8. Turmeric root
  9. CoQ10 as ubiquinone
  10. Acetyl-L- carnitine
  11. Fenugreek
  12. Eleuthero root
  13. Panax ginseng root
  14. L-theanine
  15. Benfotiamine
  16. Luteolin
  17. Bacopa monnieri
  18. Magnolia extract
  19. Echinacea root
  20. Maca root
  21. Lutein
  22. Zeaxanthin
  23. Tributyrin
  24. Astragalus root
  25. Turmeric oil
  26. Frankincense oil
  27. Vitamin K2-7
  28. Vitamin D3
  29. Vitamin A
  30. Piperine

Pet Life Testimonials

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